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Grenius buys & recycles but also sells and maintains all types of computers, phones, tablets and peripherals.

What is Grenius and why does it exist?

According to the UN estimate, more than one hundred million kilograms of electrical and electronic waste is generated in Finland alone every year, although old equipment can be reused almost completely. At Grenius, we buy and recycle these devices safely so that a device that is recycled at its best will find a new user in just a few days. We also pay the best price on the market for used equipment!

Used PC:s are an affordable alternative for a brand new device. Business grade devices for example are actually much better choice in almost every way, when compared to a new similiar device in the same price range. Business grade devices of course as new are the best option, but also the most expensive option. This is what makes Grenius refurbished devices desirable. Also it’s very good for the environment. Not everything has to be brand new! Buying a single device from us or recycling a single device with us, will save at least around 100kg of carbon dioxide emissions, 1500 liters of water and 20 kilograms of toxic chemicals.

Grenius Business

Grenius Business provides ISO-certified, full scale IT asset disposition solutions. Read more here.

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